Face Mask - Easter

Face Mask - Easter

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Face masks have recently become an important part of our lives.

Be ready and stay ready with our face masks.


Please read all information carefully before ordering.
Every shaped mask is machine washable and can be air dried.
Many options are offered so as to get your best fit. 


  1. Child (age 3-12)
  2. Adult (age 13+)


  1. Fabric ties can be tied behind the ears or at the back of the head.
  2. Thin elastic ear loops are adjustable with silicone slides.
  3. RECOMMENDED: Comfortable extra-stretchy elastic goes around the head entirely and is adjustable with a plastic tri-slide, rather than fabric ties that have to be adjusted each time the mask is worn.


  1. No filter or pocket.
  2. RECOMMENDED/DEFAULT: Filter pocket, which includes a two layer removable & replaceable filter, making it up to 93% effective, as opposed to 20-60% without. Filters are washable up to 10 times before breaking down and becoming less effective. Each mask comes with two filters. Replacement filters are available in my store. Instructions for where to purchase filter material included with each mask order.


  1. No nose piece.
  2. RECOMMENDED/DEFAULT: The adjustable, removable nose piece fits over the nose and continues onto the cheeks, offering a great, adjustable fit. It should be removed before washing.


  1. Flannel. Soft and warm, great for cooler climates and winter months. Lining color/pattern chosen by sewist.
  2. RECOMMENDED/DEFAULT: Cotton. Cooler than flannel, this is best for warmer climates and summer months. Can be worn year-round. Lining color/pattern chosen by sewist.


Items marked "DEFAULT" are automatically applied to your face mask. If you would like an option not listed here/not listed as default, please contact me at PursuedByABearSewing@gmail.com with the subject "Face Mask" for more information.

Each option is listed at 4 available. However, as these are only available by custom order, quantities listed may not reflect what is available.

Because of the custom nature of these items, face masks are NOT RETURNABLE.

** Masks are made to order and may take up to 10 business days to ship. ** 

A note from the sewist:

While not medical grade, these face masks do play a part in helping to prevent the spread of viruses. No medical and/or health claims are implied, either explicitly or implicitly.

* Any face covering is supplemental to proper social distancing and antiseptic practices. *