Pursued By A Bear Sewing was founded by Jessica Savory, a theatre-loving sewer in 2015. Since her first craft show that fall, she has been adding to her collections of handmade goods, looking for inspiration wherever it may appear. She has had numerous collaborations with various theatre companies throughout the Atlantic coast and eastern interior.

  Jessica loves creating items for people and their pets. Three rescue dogs and a rescue cat allow Jessica to live with them, though Jessica loves to meet all sorts of furry, scaly, and slimy creatures.

  A curated collection of both mass-produced and custom-printed fabrics and hardware, as well as a variety of available products, make Pursued By A Bear Sewing not just stand out, but also give lots of fun, unique options for every member of your family and friend group. Of course, this includes the furry ones. 😉

  But what is the meaning behind Pursued By A Bear? It may sound odd, but the answer is: Shakespeare! One of his most famous bits of writing isn't a monologue or dialogue, but a stage direction in his play A Winter's Tale when a character leaves the stage: Exits, pursued by a bear. (Yes, really, a bear!) It has become a theatre in-joke between amateurs and professionals alike. With Jessica's theatre background, Pursued By A Bear Sewing is the perfect mix of tradition and humor with a modern twist.


  PBABSewing offers both ready-made and custom items.



Pictured: Chris Rankin (Percy Weasley in the Harry Potter film series) and Jessica (of Pursued By A Bear Sewing) at NorthEast Comic Con, March 2019